Dr.P.S. Sreekantan Thampi

Dr.P.S. Sreekantan Thampi (Dr P.S.S. Thampi for short) has been with The Spices Board India (Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India) as Deputy Director for the last 25 years handling promotion and publicity programs for Indian spices across the world.

Dr Thampi has travelled worldwide promoting the saga of Indian spices, he is known for his involvement and understanding of the trade and commerce in spices. He is currently handling international initiatives of the Spices Board with Codex Alimentarius Commission, Rome, as the Working group Coordinator and is active in highlighting Indian initiatives in Codex committees for Food Hygiene and Pesticide Residues.

He is also the Organizing Secretary for the World Spices Congress, Chief Editor of the Spices Board’s publications, and responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility projects of the Spices Board across the country.

He leaves behind a colorful career as a journalist with India’s leading national newspaper, The Indian Express, for nearly ten years prior to joining the Spices Board. A graduate in Economics, a post graduate in Rural Development and qualifications in Journalism, Marketing Management, and Personnel Management.

Dr Thampi has a PhD in Market Promotion for Spices from the Gandhigram Rural University of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, and is a Representative/Adviser to The Spice Journal.