Developing Uses of the Nutmeg Pericarp

Development of food and beverage flavoring from un-peeled nutmeg

by M. D. K. Vithana

Nutmeg has always been known as a “two in one spice”.

The kernel, when ground into powder, is used world wide as a sweet flavouring in bakery items and beverages. It also provides a high yield of  essential oils when distilled . The oil is likewise used in bakeries and beverage  and it has significant medicinal properties.

The red (aril) covering of the nutmeg kernal is known as mace. It is ground into powder and also distilled into essential oils. As with the Nutmeg kernal, Mace likewise is used as a flavouring and it also has significant medicinal benefits.

Now a couple of young scientists, D.D.N. Hewage and M.D.K.Vithana, from Wayamba University in Sri Lanka, have discovered that the nutmeg pericarp (or  rind) has similar properties as the kernel  and it produces a high yield of essential oils. The Percarp can also be used as flavouring in foods and beverages.

Perhaps Nutmeg will become a “three in one spice” ?

Please see this interesting scientific presentation by clicking on the green icon below .


Development of flavored beverages from peeled and un-peeled nutmeg