Mr Pradip Maharjan

Pradip Maharjan is Chief Executive Officer of Agro Enterprise Centre/ Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI).

He has a Masters in Development Management (MDM) from Asian Institute of Management, the Philippines, 1998.

Masters in Economics from Tribhuban University, Kathmandu, Nepal, 1996.

Pradip is fluent in English and Nepalese (Native speaker)

Pradip’s other professional qualifications and affiliations include:

Community Forestry Extension – 1994, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Productivity Management – 1987, Irish Productivity Center (IPC), Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Board Member – Faculty Board of Kathmandu University – 2012-2014.

Visiting Faculty of Management for Bachelor in Business Studies, Bernhardt  College (Tribhuban University) Kathamandu.

Management Association of Nepal (MAN).

AIM. Alumni, (Asian Institute of Management), Philippines.

ADB/Japan Scholars Alumni- Japan.

Founder and Executive  Member: Ethnobotanical Society of Nepal


Pradip has extensive experience in implementing and managing community development projects, as follows:

High Mountain Livelihood Improvement Project:(including raising income levels of Small and Medium Farmers, and development and promotion of Spices and Essential Oils.)

High Value Agriculture Project:(including development and marketing of Non Timber Forest Products such as and Spices and Essential Oils, to enhance the income of the poor farmers in the region.)

One Village One Product:(planning and  implementation in 22 districts of Nepal, promoting products which have unique identity of the district and potential for enhanced development and marketing.)