A growing number of Nepal farmers are growing cardamom

A growing number of farmers has taken up cardamom farming in recent years due to better returns from the cash crop.

According to District Agricultural Development Office (DADO), Solukhumbu, cardamom has been cultivated in 62 hectares of land, whereas it was cultivated in 52 hectares of land last year. With cardamom being a lucrative cash crop, the demand for seedlings had also gone up.

Farmers of Goli, Chaulakharka, Bhakanje, Kaaku, Baasa, Jubu, Salyan, Necha Betghaare, Kaagel, Taksindu, Lokhim Deusa, among other village development committee, have also been cultivating cardamom.

According to DADO, Solukhumbu, it has distributed cardamom in Sotang, Lokhim, Kaagel, Deusa, Mukli and Salyan this year.

Senior Agricultural Development Officer Hasta Bahadur Bista told Republica that cardamom production will increase significantly as it has been planted in additional 10 hectares of land this year.

DADO Solukhumbhu has not been able to meet the demand for 300,000 additional seedlings this year due to the increased demand.

DADO Officials told Republica that they are planning to supply 500,000 cardamom seedlings from next year on the face of rising demands. Farmers are getting Rs 2,000 per kg cardamom in the district, which they say is relatively higher in comparison to other cash crops.

Meanwhile, orange production in the district is expected to rise this year. DADO Solukhumbu has projected that the district will produce a total of 810 tons of orange from a total of 101 hectares of land compared to 770 tons of orange produced last year.

The DADO Solukhumbu attributed favorable weather conditions for the rise in orange production.

– Courtesy of Republica Business