Compulsory Inspection for Ceylon Cinnamon Exports

Awareness Seminar on “Compulsory Pre-Inspection Scheme (CPIS)’ for Cinnamon Exports’

conducted by the SLEDB


The Sri Lanka Export Development Board conducted the first awareness program on the ‘Compulsory Pre-Inspection Scheme for Cinnamon Exports (CPIS)’ which will come into effect from 1st January 2014, with the participation of 110 stake holders from the industry.

The scheme was introduced by the Sri Lanka Government to assure that the required quality standards for Ceylon Cinnamon are maintained in the international markets.

The seminar was conducted in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Standards Institute and the Department of Export Agriculture.

The main objective of conducting the seminar was to create awareness among the cinnamon industry about the CPIS for cinnamon exports and to enable exporters to realize a premium price in the international markets, particularly in established markets such as USA, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and EU region.

The EDB has established ‘Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’ as a global brand in the international market.

The EDB has also completed registration of the trade mark associated with the ‘Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’ brand in established markets such as USA and the EU.

The EDB has also obtained a certificate of registration from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) under the Madrid Protocol which permits the EDB to register the brand directly in Mexico, which is the largest importer of Ceylon Cinnamon.

It is also planned to issue the distinctive Lion logo associated with the ‘Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’ brand name, for cinnamon and cinnamon based products that meets requirements as per the proposed regulation.

Regional level workshops will also be organized by relevant authorities to provide awareness about the CPIS and this will support the Cinnamon industry to enhance quality, food safety measures, and to meet the conformity requirements of the export markets.

Inoka Nilmini Wanasinghe – Assistant Director
Export Agriculture Division
Sri Lanka Export Development Board
Colombo, Sri Lanka