Our Purpose

The purpose of The Spice Journal

The Spice Journal is an international on-line publication created for the spice people of the world. It is dedicated to the enhancement of the knowledge of spices worldwide, and to the restoration of the spice industry in those regions of the world that have declined over time, helping to reclaim some of the prominence and glory that was enjoyed by the spice industry in bygone eras.

In the western world, it is said that motherhood and apple pie are synonymous; but without spice and particularly without cinnamon, apple pie would lose its prominence in mother’s dining room. And yet most of the people who enjoy mother’s apple pie would not know from whence the cinnamon came, nor would they be wise to its qualities.

The Spice Journal contains a wealth of knowledge about spices and the associated process from the gardens to the kitchens.

The Spice Journal teams continuously visit spice plantations and processing centers, and bring the voices of the industry to the world.

The Spice Journal enlightens consumers in all regions of the world about the origin of their spice, the quality of their spice, the multitudinous uses of spice, including spices used in natural medicine.

The Spice Journal encourages research to bring spice agriculture throughout the world in-line with twenty first century technologies, and it promotes education in the spice growing regions of the world.

The greater population of the world would not be satisfied that a meal is complete without spice, and yet they may not know whether their spice was adulterated. The Spice Journal enlightens consumers on purity and packaging and promotes knowledge about regulatory standards and certifications.

It is said that half the world was discovered and settled because of the spice trade. The Spice Journal will endeavor to revitalize that recognition, deserving of such an essential and ubiquitous commodity.