Spices Hall of Fame

The Spice Journal team is of the opinion that there are many people throughout the spice industry who have made extraordinary contributions to the industry. Although these people are probably well known in their respective areas, they may not have been formally recognized and appreciated by the spice community at large.

With the help of our worldwide readership, The Spice Journal will endeavour to introduce these exceptional persons to the world, and through a democratic process, will induct many of them into the Spices Hall of Fame.

These exceptional people may be explorers, farmers, inventors, scientists, writers, statisticians, chefs, traders, professors, bureaucrats, or even politicians, if it can be established that they made a significant (and positive) difference to the industry, or to the people in the industry.

Your nominees do not necessarily have to be famous people; although many famous people like Vasco de Gama are likely to be inductees.

There is also a slave from Seychelles (unknown to The Spice Journal) who is said to have discovered a method of manual pollination of vanilla blossoms. Let’s know more about him.

How about recognizing the person who developed the skill of cinnamon peeling? Cinnamon peeling is an art that has been passed down through generations of cinnamon peelers. We should know more about the art, and about those first cinnamon peelers.

Maybe there is a housewife who against all odds was able to continue working her late husband’s plantation; all the while raising her children to also become respectable spice producers. Let the world know about her by way of your nomination to the Spices Hall of Fame.

How about the person or persons who discovered the medical benefits of spices? It was a discovery that has flourished through generations of Practitioners of Traditional medicines, but perhaps too ancient to identify as a source.

Notwithstanding the historical heroes, there are many Ayurveda and Traditional medical practitioners since then who have made a positive difference in their communities. Let’s hear about them too.

If you know of a person who has made an exceptional contribution to the development of spice, to the development of the spice industry, or to the development of the people in the spice communities; please let us have your nomination with explicit details on why you believe that person should be inducted into The Spices Hall of Fame.

Please log in with the template at the bottom of this page and include all required details.

The Spice Journal will also require two references, with contact details, who we can contact to verify your proposed nominee.

Good luck, and thank you for your interest in The Spice Journal

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