The Spice Journal is phenomenally successful

The Spice Journal is phenomenally successful, growing steadily since its launch eighteen months ago. It is ahead of projections in every aspect of its business plan, and under budget.

Success is measured not only in the growing number of subscribers, but in content that is recognized worldwide as an integral source of knowledge about Spices, Natural Medicines derived from Spices, and about the Spice Industry in general.

The Spice Journal team has been referred to as a group of visionaries; indeed we are grateful for such commendation and for the support.

However with success come a few detractors, losers who wish they would have done it, spending their life in angst because they are not successful. Particularly there is a small group in Canada who started a slander campaign against The Spice Journal, and against one of our directors, Mr MacIntosh.

Our legal team has responded to many of these diatribe email messages, providing a statement of facts, and initiating other actions. Should you be an unfortunate recipient of this scandal mail, please forward it to

Thank you for your cooperation.