Account Managers

The Spice Journal requires account managers throughout the world.

A “good salesman” is often interpreted as a person who is smooth talking, has an easy smile, and has a “take your money and run” kind of attitude. This is not the type of sales people that The Spice Journal requires.

Our “Account Managers” must get to know their clients, ascertain their needs, and determine how best The Spice Journal can help promote their Company Profile and product catalogue, to the world.

This determination must be ascertained and developed interactively with the clients and the The Spice Journal account managers.

It may involve initiating and publishing an article about the client’s endeavors.

It may involve initiating a link from the client’s website to The Spice Journal.

Or it may involve collaboration with our graphic artists/visualizers to design an appropriate billboard, to be published in The Spice Journal on behalf of our client.

Whatever the promotional mode selected, and whichever the areas of promotion that are targeted, our account manager must follow through and oversee the process to the full satisfaction of the client.

Furthermore when the agreement is concluded, the account manager does not take the client’s money and disappear.

Our account manager will certainly initiate and ensure an accurate conclusion of the financial agreement, but he/she will also monitor the activity generated by the media promotion, and will keep the client apprised of that activity.

Our account manager will regularly inform our clients about any feedback received, i.e. “great website” or “your website needs improvement” or “great product but poor after sales service” and our account managers will suggest solutions to our clients.

In short, The Spice Journal becomes a partner with our clients, by way of our account managers.

If you know that you are of the appropriate cut to become an Account Manager for The Spice Journal, and if you have the experience to support it; please log-on (with the on-line application template provided) and provide us with your proposal.

At present The Spice Journal requires Account Managers in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and throughout Asia; as well we have requirements in Canada, Australia, USA, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and almost every other region of the world.

Typically, at present you will have a portfolio of non-related and non-conflicting clients that you service on “regular” basis; and yet you will have ample time to partner with even more clients on behalf of The Spice Journal. Please inform us about your existing clientele.

We look forward to receiving your proposal.

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