Nutmeg and Clove


The East Indies

Nutmeg, Buah Pala
Clove, Buah Cengkih

The importance of these 2 precious spice commodities could not be emphasized enough in the history of the spice trade. And the history of Penang.
Here’s some noteable facts on the origins of nutmeg & clove:
Nutmeg is found in large quantities on Isle of Run & Great Banda – Banda islands
Clove is found in large quantities on Tidore & Ternate Islands, Amboyna – Banda islands
The Dutch East India Company or VOC (in Dutch!) formed in 1602 was given a total monopoly of the Spice trade out of Holland for a total of 21 years. This was after years of itinerant sea captains and merchants all trying to set sail to the East Indies in search of spices.
The VOC would prove to be the most rugged, canon blasting and formidable force in the spice trade eventually ousting the Portugese and capitalizing over the weakning British East India Company (EIC) presence in the East Indies.




– Courtesy of The Tropical Spice Garden