Central Research Station of the Department of Export Agriculture – Matale, Sri Lanka It is a vast and beautiful setting, about 100 hectare of lush gardens and vegetation Read more..


cinnamonCinnamon and Cassia are distinctively different.. See report


DSCF0988After Cinnamon “Pepper is the most productive spice in Sri Lanka“…  See report


ginger A market analysis of ginger production in Nepal “if these recommendations are implemented, it would improve”read more..



Nutmeg rind (pericarp) used as a flavoring agent “perhaps nutmeg will become a “… read more..


14Balakaduwa Estate “from a tea factory to a spice garden”read more..


chogmCHOGM-13 & Spice worldwide spice industry valued at more than US$100,000,000,000 annually”… read more..


green vanilla 2Sri Lanka – a vanilla producing country! read more..


edb EDB Sri Lanka Press release on CPIS for cinnamon “EDB has established ‘Pure Ceylon Cinnamon’ as a global brand in the international market” read more..


ceylon cinnamon New Quality Standards for Ceylon Cinnamon –  “cinnamon is the most important and valuable spice produced in Sri Lanka” read more..


cinnamon National Cinnamon Training Academy in Sri Lanka “the one and only cinnamon academy in the world”… read more..


DSCF0989The Spice Gardens of Sri Lanka will be featured during  February and March . Contact  to ensure that your garden is featured. read more..

paramount 1 Ayurvedic Resorts and Spas of Sri Lanka will be featured during  April and May. Contact to ensure your resort is more..