Mary’s Journey

The Angel Gabriel came to visit

He brought a message so exquisite

That I will bear a Holy seed

To fill the promise and the need


That God had promised he will send

A Saviour for our sins to mend

To burn the tares he did not sow

To take the armour from the foe


But me! I said, how can this be

For a man I’ve yet to see

Then he said, the Lord has willed

The seed is one that he has tilled


Blessed will I be forever

I pondered faith, I pondered whether

Have I the strength for this accord

To bear the child of my Lord


He said a message had been sent

To Elizabeth, and so I went

And came to know my kin will share

The joy, and burden she will bear


But in my heart there still was doubt

I wondered what this was about

The child I am called to carry

Even though I’ve yet to marry


That I may know the things to be

I beg you Lord to let me see

Your humble maid a sign I pray

That faith will fill me from this day


Then deep within my womb I knew

A quiver, told me it was true

In my soul great joy I felt

Such joy I thought my heart would melt


And then I thought of Galilee

For strength was waiting there for me

And suddenly I knew no shame

The babe would carry Joseph’s name


By him, the Angel too was heard

He’d face the test and share the word

As David’s songs so well describe

So Judah too, was Joseph’s tribe


Like Moses’ faith came with a rod

We too have known the will of God

And of the flesh, false things we hear

We’ll walk with God and have no fear



For people knew when I conceived

That Joseph’s hand I’d not received

He was a fool, the rabble said

For even though he knew, he wed


But with his strength my fear is gone

I may not else have carried on

Even though the truth we knew

The ones who stood by us were few


And then the Heralds came to say

That Herod’s tax we were to pay

Our post was far away, and so

To David’s city we must go


There’s no escape the Roman’s grip

But could I make this gruelling trip

For I was heavy with the child

And oh my weary thoughts ran wild


We knew, before the journey’s end

A little babe we’d have to tend

I pondered what the Angel told

That he would reign, and of his fold


The house of Jacob and the throne

Of David, would be called his own

All the nations, to him will bend

And of his Kingdom, will never end


Again I thought, if this is true

Where are the kings, or if they knew

Were any of the scribes aware

A King will be, of which I bear


And then my heart was growing sad

I thought perhaps I’m going mad

From Bethlehem, no one has came

Surely they would know my fame


A chariot may be coming soon

I listened so to hear the tune

Of Cherubim, and Angel’s song

I watched the sky and waited long


Alas, no trumpet, no song, no choir

I waited and my soul grew tired

In Bethlehem they’d surely wait

With candles lighting up the gate


The marching sound, the drums will beat

All nations bowing at our feet

Even Herod will be there

His retinue, the Joy to share



I am blessed for God has told,

The kings will come on mounts of gold

And whisk us up the palace lane

To celebrate the One to reign


And when we finally reach the town

The Priests and Kings will bed us down

In feathers soft and garments fine

And meats and spice and savoured wine


And so we journeyed with our mules

Perhaps the rabble thought us fools

But soon we’d see the sparkling lights

The Temple, and the Holy sites


And now the city was in view

We’re not quite sure what we should do

We see an inn, and think it best

To stop awhile and have a rest


To wash our feet, and take some bread

And find some room to lay our head

For we are tired and we are cold

But no room is there, it’s what they told


We see another and inquire

If they have room, and have a fire

But like the last place we had been

There was no room at the inn


We asked a Levite, and he said

That nowhere will we find a bed

But yonder stable that we saw

Where we could make a bed of straw


And bring the mules in from the cold

It’s all there is, that’s what he told

Anxious, tired, and distressed

At least we had a place to rest


But what cruel fate had brought us here

A babe that even kings revere

A throne of gold, and finest table

Could he be born in this old stable


My faith was hanging by a string

I only dreamed what night would bring

But Joseph, stronger than the sword

We’ll tarry here to meet our Lord


A midwife was his then concern

And when they came he was to learn

I was in pain, the time was nigh

So Joseph went, some clothes to buy



We wrapped the babe in swaddling cloth

Then Joseph brought a cup of broth

I supped the soup, and then the light

For in the stable was so bright


I saw the babe and knew for sure

It was God’s child that I bore

So radiant that my heart stood still

I thanked the Lord, and praised his will


I thought of all my disbelief

I felt ashamed, quite like a thief

For all the palaces of gold

Could never touch this child I hold


Forgive me Lord, I was distraught

And for a while my faith was naught

The child asleep here on the hay

Has filled our hearts and filled our day


Then Shepherds came and brought their Love

A star has hovered up above

The Magi’s came with gifts of gold

To worship Jesus, they were told


A King was born to us this day

Make haste and leave, they were to say

Or harm will come, a jealous king

With all the sorrow blessings bring


We hastened and prepared to start

I pondered these things in my heart

Off to Egypt we must go

To find escape from zealous foe


Oh Egypt, Joseph lived and died

He brought his family there with pride

Where Jacob’s offspring came and grew

She sheltered them, she’ll help us too


My God, who can know your plan

Your way so great, unknown to man

And with this Child, be all aware

His Love is here for all to share.




E F Mac Intosh

Published by Tarmac Enterprises Ltd

Copyright, 2007