Minister urges research on Ayurveda medicine

KATHMANDU: Minister for Health and Population, Khagraj Adhikari today spoke of the need of research on ayurveda and traditional medicine.

Speaking at a national seminar on ‘Traditional Health and Ayurveda in National Health Policy’ organised by Resource Centre for Primary Health Centre (RECPHEC), Minister Adhikari said there was lack of research on ayurveda and traditional medicine in Nepal. Hence, the dire need of research work.

“Nepal is rich in biodiversity as well as natural resources, but evidence based research is lacking,” he said.

He further said that available resources on ayurveda and traditional medicine had not been documented.

“People are not using available resources,” he said, adding, “National Health policy was launched to promote use of ayurveda and traditional medicine.”

Shanta Lal Mulmi, Executive director, RECPHEC said that the significance of ayurveda and traditional health system in Nepal should not be neglected since these have been providing health services since ancient times. He said, “Efforts should be made to streamline ayurveda and traditional medicine into the national health system.”

Dr Shyam Babu Yadav, president, Ayurveda Doctors Association of Nepal said that although ayurveda and traditional medicine is an ancient therapy, it is not practiced widely because of its weak presence in the health policy. He demanded a separate policy for its wider presence and use in society.

– Courtesy of The Himalayan Times