Ayurveda Health Care System in Sri Lanka

Ayurveda Health Care System in Sri Lanka

An important aspect of health care in Sri Lanka is Ayurveda, which forms part of the National Health Services provided by the Government of Sri Lanka, which including a separate ministry for Indigenous Medicine.

There are currently 62 Ayurveda Hospitals and 208 central dispensaries in the public system, and they served almost 3 million people (approximately 11% of Sri Lanka’s total population) in 2010.

In total there are currently (approximately) 20,000 registered practitioners of Ayurveda in the country.

Educational Medical Institutes

The Institute of Indigenous Medicine (IIM) is an affiliated institute of the University of Colombo, specializing in Sri Lankan Traditional Medicine.

IIM was founded as a modern College of Indigenous Medicine in 1929, it became part of the University of Colombo adopting its current name in 1977. It is a premier center of undergraduate and postgraduate study and research into Ayurvedic and Indigenous medicine and healthcare

(Reference: http://iim.cmb.ac.lk/).