Spices Used in Natural Medicines


Dr Kamal Perera is Head of the Department of Allied Sciences – Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, and a consulting Physician at the Ayurveda Teaching Hospital in Colombo.

Dr Perera is also a Representative/Advisor to The Spice Journal.

In the following presentation  “Spices used in Ayurveda Medicine” (available by clicking on the tab at the bottom of this page) Dr Perera highlights some of the important spices that are a source of Ayurveda Natural Medicines, and he emphasizes the medicinal properties of each spice and the specific remedies available from them.

As our coverage of Natural Medicines expands, Dr Perera will play an important role in disseminating knowledge of the Ayurveda Sciences to the world, particularly about those Ayurveda medicines derived from spices.