Introduction to Our Recipe Section

by Zeeshan Munir


A very old Spanish saying “The belly rules the mind” is similar to an Indian proverb “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.

Thus, food being a necessity for us all, we all need to know more about how to cook it.

What differentiates human food from the food of other living organisms, is the delicate processing and cooking of our food; which is incomplete without spices.

The spices not only give different dishes their unique flavours, but also the aroma which attracts foodies like us.

The Spice Journal we lead you in traveling the world of flavours.

Together we will explore kitchens across the world; we will discover and introduce common recipes from one angle of civilization to people in other places. We may even rediscover some recipes that have been forgotten.

Hey, we are wondering why not you give us access to your kitchen – share your recipes and cooking experiences.

BTW you can also enrich your knowledge about spices from our “know about your spice segment” and read other interesting spice tales in our “spice stories” segment.

Ah, we know you are wondering how you can make food. Word of encouragement for you – anyone can cook food; all you need is go to your kitchen, put on an apron, and we will lead you in rolling out some tasty, easy, and mouth watering dishes.

BTW we invite you to share your recipes with The Spice Journal, and through The Spice Journal, share them with the world. Please log-on with the template provided, and please don’t forget to include a photo of your delicious dish.

…..Time to scroll down, and discover some tasty yummy tummy food…


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