Masala – Aalu Gobi

Cauliflower & Potato
1 tsp. turmeric
1 tsp. chilli powder
1 tsp. cumin powder
1 tsp. coriander powder
Cauliflower florets – 500g
Chopped onions – 2
Ginger paste – 1 tsp
Garlic paste – 1 tsp
1 large potato, cooked and cubed
1 tsp. salt or to taste
Coriander leaves – 1 tbsp. oil
Serve for 5 persons
Preparation time 40 mins

Cauliflower a vegetable of winters in India is thoroughly enjoyed during the period. A variety of dishes are prepared from it, most commonly as in different curries and Aalu Parantha (Potato puddings)

Take 1tbsp oil and heat in a non-stick frying pan for few mins. Then fry the onions, ginger and garlic, chopped coriander together with cumin and coriander powders for five minutes. Add potato, cauliflower florets, turmeric and chilli powders and salt together with half a cup of lukewarm water and cook on medium low heat for fifteen minutes. Mix well to ensure that the vegetables blend with the spices. Garnish the vegetable with coriander leaves.

Be careful not to overcook the cauliflower, as it will loosen its taste, and nutrient value.