The global spice industry is valued at more than a $108,000,000,000 annually but in much of the world it is treated with indifference. It lacks governance, plantations are often neglected, research in spice agro-technology is minimal, plantation workers are among the poorest people on earth, adulteration of spice is prolific, and in some areas regulations and standards are pretty much ignored.

The Spice Journal (TSJ) is an International on-line publication dedicated to the sustainability of the spice industry and to its enhancement; and to strict adherence of regulatory standards of the world food processing industry.

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Fortunately there are no ugly spices
For years, the ugly ducklings of the harvest gathered by Alberta’s Red Hat Co-op – crooked cucumbers, scarred and mottled tomatoes and sunburnt peppers ….
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A History of Spice
Legend has it that Assyrian Gods drank sesame wine the night they created Earth. Other sources dating as far back as 2600 BC inform us ….
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Spices Grown in India
no Indian meal is complete without a mixture of spices…
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Unique Spices of Nepal
“timmur has exceptional medicinal qualities…”
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Spice Gardens of Sri Lanka
here are about forty spice gardens within a fifty km radius of Kandy, which is the second largest city in Sri Lanka…
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A Parable of Spice
“A farmer went to his spice garden to sow seeds… when the son’s money was spent, his ‘friends’ abandoned himhe even foraged with the swine … and hallucinated that he was a feral dog..”read more of this profound parable…

Think Spice, Think Nutmeg
ome definitions state that spice is an aromatic or pungent vegetable substance used to flavor food…
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What would we do without black pepper?
I wonder sometimes how an omelette would taste without a dash of black pepper, or eating stir fried beef without black pepper sauce…
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Spice Dictionary
AJWAIN (also known as bishop’s weed) is a seed spice grown as an annual plant. It is an erect glabrous or minutely pubescent branched annual…
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Turmeric – an Auspicious Spice.
“also exemplifies the purity of young Buddhist monks…” read more of this interesting story with a personal aspect..

Sri Lanka seeks to trademark cinnamon spice success
The Spice Council of Sri Lanka wants to protect the brand “Ceylon cinnamon” after…
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It is said that New York was traded for nutmeg…Read more of this incredible history

Nutmeg is the source of Mace
“which is used as an hallucinogenic”… read more about nutmeg..

Are Spices good for you?
“there’s no doubt really, spices and herbs are good for you ! “besides, you don’t have to worry about..” read more about the health aspect of spices..

Rice & Spice
Dropping a smoldering chunk of coal into a pot of rice may not sound…
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Natural medicines derived from Spices.
“many varieties of spices are”… read more..

Largest spice market in Asia
“The Khari Baoli first came into being in the year 1650 A.D…” read more about this ancient market..

Vanilla growth and reproduction.
“characteristics are better when the plant is originating from…” read more..

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