Vietnam Pepper Association 10 Years of Establishment & Development

Although pepper trees were planned in Vietnam by end of 19th century, the pepper industry really showed an appearance and was integrated into the reformed economy by end of 20th century.
During the first years of 21st century, the Vietnam Pepper Industry made a breakthrough in the economic development by integration of pepper into the Vietnam economy.
With the development of the Vietnam Pepper Industry, the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) was founded on December 20, 2001. During 10 years of operation, the Vietnam Pepper Association has been leading the initiative to fully tap its potential and advantages.
Labor and financial resources of the whole industry contributed to the development of Vietnam Pepper, making the larger production, higher yield, quality and efficiency of pepper trees, ensuring the interests of farmers, the traders, and the country, to bring the pepper commodity into early deep integration and enhance competitiveness in the World market.
It could be said that the achievements of Vietnam Pepper Industry during the past 10 years reflected the operation and efforts of the Vietnam Pepper Association.

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