Rice & Spice

Rice & spice

Dropping a smoldering chunk of coal into a pot of rice may not sound appealing to the general public but after bearing witness to this unusual cooking method, its something  we believe every foodie should try – at least once in their lifetime. And who knows, you could be so amazed by it that you’d even want to show your family and friends how to do it.
The Tropical Spice Garden Cooking School will be introducing guest chef Asma Awadh who hails from Yemen. She will show us how to make a traditional Yemeni Kabsa. A famous Arabic meal that is indigenous to Yemen, Kabsa is rice cooked with a mixture of fragrant spices, meat and vegetables.
Rice & spice2
Its unique preparation using a hot coal buried in the rice adds smoky flavour to the wholesome dish. Having learned the basics of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine from the tender age of four, Asma picked up this unique trick from her mother who for a want of a pit oven used this technique to replicate the earthy flavours of a mandi rice dish, which is what sets the Yemeni Kabsa apart from kabsas from other Middle Eastern countries.
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– Courtesy of The Tropical Spice Garden