Synthite Industries Limited


Jacob Sir Style

The history of spices is deeply entwined with the history of India, manifesting itself in our food, folklore, culture and even religion. But while the story of whole spices goes way back in time, India’s tryst with value-added spice extracts began in the early 1970s.

In 1972, Mr C. V. Jacob saw untapped potential in the nascent industry of spice Oleoresins and took a decision to dive in, head-first. His decision proved to be a wise one and resulted in the setting up of ‘Synthite Industrial Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.’ in Kolenchery, a village close to Cochin in Kerala, South India.

Three years later, the first batch of industry certified (US FDA) Oleoresins rolled out from his Kolenchery plant.

From those humble beginnings, Synthite has scaled dizzying heights today, accounting for more than 30% share in the global Oleoresins market. Synthite attributes this ability of always remaining one step ahead to its easy acceptance of new technology and the constant quest for better quality products and new applications for the food industry.

The building blocks

Being early adopters of the latest equipment and keeping abreast of developments in the international spice extracts industry; Synthite had the opportunities for growth and expansion early on. By 1976, Synthite’s Oleoresins exports had hit Rs.15 crores – no ordinary milestone for an Indian company operating in the unsettled business environment of the country. Synthite’s achievement was commemorated with a medal by the president of India. In 1980, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, recognized Synthite as an Export House.

With a growing expertise in Oleoresins and access to some of the finest raw materials, opportunities to venture into subsidiary food flavouring avenues were identified. The first of these to materialise was the Herbal Isolates (P) Ltd. Launched in 1985 to manufacture essential oils and specialised spices. This was followed by the launch of Synthite’s Fragrance division in 1986, for the production of floral concretes and absolutes. Besides the expansion of business, Synthite underwent geographical expansions too, first in Coimbatore where the Fragrance division was set up, then in Calicut, where it acquired Sijmak Oils Ltd. (now Synthite Calicut) as an exclusive export-oriented unit of herbal extracts.

With its constant growth and innovation, Synthite had already carved a niche for itself in the Indian spice extract industry. The fervour of liberalisation and globalisation that swept across the country during the early 90s proved to be exactly what Synthite needed to make its presence felt in the International domain. 1994 was a landmark year for Synthite when it became the first Indian company to obtain an ISO 9002 certification.

More than just business

As a growing company, Synthite laid emphasis on a healthy value-system that insisted on a strong sense of morals and business ethics among all members of the Synthite family. As an organisation, it focuses on integrity in all its relationships with customers, employees and stakeholders.

Synthite believes in sustainable growth – Growth which is fostered through innovation that is customer-centric and earth-friendly. And Synthite reaped the reward of sticking to its value system. In early 2000 with the rise of the pro-environment movement, people all over the world began to develop more conscious eating habits. Food buying decisions were no longer just about where you buy your food from, but what goes into that food. Synthite’s transparent sourcing system and clean processing enabled it to meet the growing demands of the changing markets, making them the preferred ingredients provider among food and beverage industries in the world.

Synthite’s Exports division and natural colours division or NeCol are the result of this shift of consciousness and caters to the global health requisites of the food industry. Also Synthite responds to global consumer needs and keeping it one step ahead of the curve is the New Products Development (NPD) division.

In 2006, Synthite launched (i) Spice division, (ii) Aromco Flavour India Pvt Ltd, a joint venture with Aromco, UK and (iii) Symega Savory Technology Pvt Ltd, a joint venture with Omega, Austria.

CO2 SFE plant was launched in 2007. The introduction of Super Critical Fluid Technology particularly created ripples in the value added spice extracts industry. As one of the early endorsers of this technology, Synthite could offer its clients a wide range of botanical extracts of impeccable purity and customer specific precision.

Embracing the world

2012 was the year that saw Synthite enters a new phase of its growth with the setting up of its first overseas production facility in Xinjiang, China. The facility was set up for the production of Paprika Oleoresins – a product Synthite is best known for. With advanced equipment, skilled workforce and state of the art facilities, the new manufacturing unit is delivering outstanding results. Besides its production facility, Synthite runs its worldwide operations out of offices in the US and China and sales offices set up in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

While Synthite is recognised worldwide for its impeccable quality paprika, its advanced spice division produces and processes a variety of other value added spice extracts that are recognised as the best in class. Located at the state of the art Synthite Taste Park, the division is manned by a team of well-trained personnel with stellar technical and scientific expertise. Synthite’s spice division offers whole, powdered and even processed spices that meet global food safety standards. Wide range of powdered and sterilised spices conform to the stringent European Commission directives for microbial load, pesticide residues, aflatoxin and other contaminants. In 2012, ‘Spices’ division launched spice powders in Kerala’s retail market with the brand name ‘Kitchen Treasures’. Later new products of masala mixes were added to this brand.

Commitment to quality

Synthite never takes the quality of its products for granted. Synthite follows the finest practices in quality management and has a multi- layered quality control system that begins right at the farming stage. Synthite set up a Farm tech division that works closely with farmers to ensure the utmost quality and purity of raw materialsand meetstringent quality norms. Synthite promises its customers transparent backward integration. Synthite takes its partnership with the farming community seriously. As a core part of their business, the company seeks to create a more informed and aware community. By understanding real world needs and problems of the farmers, and providing them with the support and assistance they require, Synthite is moulding them to adapt to the multitude of challenges that the future may possess.

It is this technical superiority, four decades of expertise and a long trusted tradition of superior product quality that makes Synthite the preferred partner to some of the biggest businesses today.

The Synthite difference

By consistently delivering the ingredients of success, Synthite leads in the global arena today. Recognised for its integrated solution inspired by nature and fair business practices, Synthite is constantly improving the quality of life by improving the quality of food. In the fight against synthetic additives, it is providing the world with natural alternatives to colouring and flavouring food. But the story that started with the lure of spices has today diversified into other areas with the same commitment to the environment.

As a part of the continuous value optimisation strategy, Synthite first diversified into wind energy, using unconventional energy as a power source for its manufacturing.

Forays into hospitality lead to the setting up of eco friendly apartments and hotels that have set a benchmark in luxury living and realty.

Synthite owns ‘Riviera Suites’, an apartment hotel in Thevara, Cochin. The hotel is built on four acres of beautifully landscaped gardens beside the Vembanadu Lake.

Synthite’s ‘Ramada Resorts’ is a luxury retreat set within eight sprawling acres beside the picturesque lakes of Kumbalam, in the outskirts of Cochin. Nestled in a picture-perfect locale, amidst an ambience of absolute serenity, Ramada Resort is a haven of leisure for the city-weary soul. The resort is conveniently close to the city, yet far removed from its din and bustle.

Synthite’s vision for the future of the company is simple – grow a sustainable business that honours its responsibilities toward its customers, stakeholders and most importantly, to the planet. Its commitment to innovation and technology has brought the company this far, and a commitment to quality will take them ahead.