Another Mary, another time, another journey


Oh Lord forgive me what I do

I hope you understand

There is no way to keep this child

I hardly knew the man


To me he seemed a handsome prince

I thought I knew his way

But when we learned I was with child

He quickly walked away


I hoped that we could work it out

He also was in school

But in his eyes I saw the fear

He thought I was a fool


He left me then and stayed away

His leaving broke my heart

I wished that he would think it through

I did not want to part


But men it seems they don’t know how

To share the joy and bear the yoke

Give thanks to God a sprout has grown

Instead pretend it’s all a joke


My parents pride was chilli red

How could I bring such shame?

The facade of their status gone

And I was full to blame


Do it fast was their decree

Before their friends will know

We’ll get it done in Halifax

Next week we’ll have to go


So here we are this creepy place

My mother took the lead

She didn’t show the strong I knew

She didn’t help my need


Just get it done no matter what

We’ll put away the shame

She said the people in our town

Will always talk our name


I must quit school and move away

They’ll help me find a home

Perhaps my auntie in Quebec

For she is all alone


The doctor came, a creepy jerk

He rubbed my bulge with glee

His words it seemed were all for them

No comfort there for me


I was just another waif

Unworthy, low, and weak

Just an entry on his chart

I thought who is this freak?


The child I carried in my womb

Got even less respect

Just flush it down a sewer pipe

A product of neglect


My mind was ready to revolt

I felt the needle prick

This won’t take long I heard him say

My stomach turning sick


My aunt she tried, she really did

But I could not respond

My state of mind, the trauma thing

Had broken every bond


My faith in God had disappeared

How could He let it be?

I lost the trust I had in Mom

She lost her trust in me


The boy I loved, or thought I did

He also suffered cruel

I heard he also turned to drugs

And did not finish school


And what about the child to be

Mohammed said it best

That when we reach Saint Peter’s gate

We’ll face another test


The unborn kids will meet us there

And ask “why were we killed”

Its then our souls will comprehend

The iniquity that we willed


When that day comes to meet my child

I pray that it will know

That I was young without support

It never should be so


Now I know what could have been

Some options I have heard

I’m anguished even when I’m stoned

They flushed it like a turd


Abortion shops are but a scourge

The promoters even worse

Why can’t our people rise in war

And terminate this curse


Instead you pay to fund these crimes

Your taxes killed my child

There is no crime worse than this

Its backers doubly vile


Oh sure some women lay for naught

Lust and sex their mix

Thoughtless when they miss their time

Abortion is the fix


But I was not a carefree whore

I think we were in Love

We didn’t plan it all so soon

This gift from up above


God created one at first

Go forth and build your race

So how on earth is birth a sin

And why are we disgraced


It’s not we youthful girls at fault

Nor should the boys be fraught

The culprit is the stupid pride

Our society is the rot


As for me there’s no turn back

I’ve cashed my soul for drugs

A hit of acid a line of crack

My substitute for hugs



E F Mac Intosh

Published by Tarmac Enterprises Ltd

Copyright, 2008